Sex Tourism

Sex tourism is a common term used when one is travelling to a destination for getting sex services. It is often international travel that brings tourist to countries around the world rich in sex trades or services and legally allowed. Europe is one of the destinations of foreigners for sex industry because sex is allowed and legal especially in Germany. Sex workers pay for taxes because their services are considered a profession and they get benefits just like any other worker or professional. Sex industry in countries permitting it is protected by laws to prevent abuse and threat to sex workers. In Asia, Thailand is one of the countries where sex tourism is rich and rampant. Despite conservative practices from their culture, it cannot be prevented. For many years it has been the prime destination in Asia for such industry because it is cheap and it provides wide choices. From women to men, gays, lesbian, transsexuals, etc. it can be found in Thailand. Red light district shows that sex work is almost as legal as in Europe. Countries in Asia practicing Islam and Christianity bans sex trade and industry but human trafficking and hidden prostitution is still rampant.  Sex services are still accessible in such countries. Being one of the oldest professions in the world, prostitution is inevitable.

It is easy to get service from sex workers in places where the industry is legal. Posters and flyers are seen in streets providing numbers of private escort service providers. Prostitution on the streets is also rampant and accessible. In places where prostitution is a taboo, it may not be easy to find sex workers but if knows the right people to ask, one gets access to the services easily. Internet postings can also help tourist find the sex workers in areas where prostitution is not legal.

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