Sex Industry

The sex industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. According to sources, the industry earns up to a hundred billion a year (these are just for reported earnings by sex workers and does not include undocumented earnings). Professional sex workers offer sex in exchange for money at a rate that is offered by common prostitutes in a red district. But, there are some individuals working privately and can demand more depending on their expertise and what they can offer to clients. Due to the boost of sexual tourism in destinations where prostitution is legal, money pours non-stop in this industry.

In the past, women are the most recognized sex workers but as the years go by and as the world evolved, gay, lesbian and male sex workers are also growing in numbers. Because of lucrative earning in this industry without educational requirements and not much hard work, many are entering the business especially that it is legal in many places now. But, this business can also be risky it is why in some places where prostitution is legal, the government has laws and policies protecting the rights of sex workers. In exchange of such, sex workers pay tax because prostitution is already considered a profession. The sex workers get the same benefits and privilege any working citizen get from the government. Although it is legal, the workers are designated in specific places known as red light district. As much as possible they are to be contained in one area because social stigma can still be common in some places. Having them in one area also allows authorities to watch over them to prevent abuse and violence.

This industry is not just limited to people working for sex in exchange of money. Any form of services sexual in nature can be included on such industry. This also goes to films, sex toys production, etc.

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