Red-Light District

A red-light district is a place for prostitution and it is legal for some countries. It is called such because red lights can be associated with the red lighting that is often used for brothel signage. In ancient history, the name can be traced to Japanese culture wherein a red line is drawn on maps to indicate that an area is a place for prostitution and it is legal. In some folklore, it is believed that when men go for brothels they take red lanterns so that they can be found easily by their co-workers in cases of emergency. Many other folklore exists providing different explanation why it is called red-light districts.

Prostitution is legal in some countries. Government tax the worker’s earnings because it is considered a legal job in some places. Sex workers are protected by government where prostitution is legal that is why they pay taxes. Red light districts are largely composed of local cheap hotels, bars and strip clubs where sex workers are seen often at any time of the day. There are private and public shows in the local strip clubs, pornography in adult theatres as well as casual sex around the corner.

Many tourists around the world visit countries with legalized prostitution. In Europe Germany, prostitution is a profession that is why sex workers pay for taxes. This gives the sex workers benefits and protection just like regular employees. The cost of sex services in this country is higher compared to when going to Asian countries. It is why many tourists go for prostitution in Asian countries because fees for sex workers are much cheaper and their money is converted in higher currency. Thailand in Asia is one of the popular tourist destinations because prostitution is more accepted compared to other Asian countries with strict religion and culture practices.

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