Anyone known to provide sexual services in exchange for money is called a prostitute. All over the world, prostitution is rampant and it is considered as one of the oldest profession. It can be legal in some places while forbidden and banned in some culture. The more open and accepting the culture is with modern times, the more it is accepting to the profession. It is a profession for some because in other countries where it is legal, the sex worker pays for tax to the government. In turn, they get protection and benefits just like any other professional individual.

Nowadays, people working for the sex industry do not want to be called prostitutes. They prefer sex workers, escort, call-girl, call-boy, hooker, etc. In the past most prostitutes are girls but these days, there are growing numbers of male prostitutes as well as gays and lesbian sex workers. These sex workers are often seen in red-light districts. It is a place where cheap motels, strip clubs, bar, and brothels are located. It has been on history books as far as one can remember that is why working for sex is considered the oldest profession. If one will trace back on old paintings there were already depiction of prostitution as legal or illegal in various culture around the world. One can even find old Greek paintings showing various sexual positions done by sex workers to please their clients.

Prostitutes can work in-house or on the street. In-house prostitutes wait for customer’s call or they are sent to hotels for private service and even go to client house for home service. The most common are street prostitutes and they are often seen at night waiting for clients to pass by and these are common in red-light district. People come to these places for sexual pleasure in exchange of money without any commitment and strings attached.

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