Position 69

During your first attempts in trying out the 69, you may choose to have on top the one who has more weight and more bulky because the smaller partner may not be comfortable in this sexual position. The partner who is in the bottom need to lie down on the bed or on the floor as the partner on top will take a ride facing down as they start stimulating each other’s love parts.

The one who is on the bottom can put pillows to support the head, which can lessen the impact on the neck that could cause pain while doing this position.

In addition, when it comes to maximizing the girl’s pleasure in this sexual act, be certain to use your fingers for the sake of variety in providing sensations. You can also stimulate her clitoris using your mouth and tongue. This method is proven to give amazing pleasure to a woman.

However, be sure that you have your partner’s permission before using your fingers. Some women don’t like the idea of using fingers during the act, and men must respect that preference. Meanwhile, some women want this act to be nice and slow, but there are also women who want to have sex in this position aggressively.

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