Pornography is a material that portrays sexual contents. The main purpose of pornography is to cause sexual arousal. Different mediums are being used to present pornography. You can find pornography in magazines, movies, pictures, games, artworks and other media. There are two classifications of pornography. If there is nudity but sexual penetration is not explicit, the pornography is categorized as softcore. If the sexual penetration is visible and there is extreme fetishism, the pornography is included in the hardcore category. Aside from these two major categories, there are still other categories based on what is being depicted. Included in these categories are straight pornography, lesbian pornography, gay pornography, fetish pornography and many others.

Different people have different views about pornography. When it comes to legality, there are countries where pornography is legal while there are also countries where pornography is banned. With the availability of the Internet in most countries, pornography is becoming more accessible. In today’s society, watching of pornography is considered normal, especially for men. Many pornography websites can be viewed for free. Pornography is even considered a business and occupation by some companies and people. There are also people who considered the making of pornography as an art. 

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