Oral Sex

Oral Sex

Oral sex refers to sexual activity that involves stimulating the genitals with the mouth, teeth, tongue, or throat. More technically, you call it cunnilingus for oral sex on females, while it’s fellatio for oral sex on males. More commonly, oral sex is “going down” on someone or reaching “third base.”Oral sex can be considered as part of foreplay, part of sexual intercourse, or even the main event on its own. While kissing and licking is part of oral sex, it can only be called as such when the genitals are involved. Kissing and licking other parts of your body is not considered as oral sex.

Oral sex can be enjoyed by all sexual orientations which is why it is very popular. Apart from the sexual satisfaction the act provides, it can also be a practical measure against getting pregnant so couples usually turn to it when vaginal intercourse is to be avoided. However, since bodily fluids are exchanged during oral sex, it still carries with it certain health risks, such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), though some forms of STDs are noted to spread less easily through oral sex.

There are many variations of oral sex which contributes to how much fun you get to derive out of the act. There’s “facesitting” where the receiver sits atop the giver’s face, pushing their genitals into the giver’s mouth, and there’s the ever popular “69” where partners end up being both givers and receivers at the same time. “Autofellatio” (also known as “giving yourself head”) is also possible though very rare, as well as “autocunnilingus” for women with very flexible spines. There is also what is known as “gangsuck” or “blowbang”, a group sex act where one person gives oral sex to several others. The act is called as such as it is a derivative of the slang term “gangbang” which refers to group sex.

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