Erotic massage is a highly sensual and magic experience. Erotic massage is the use of massage techniques to enhance sexual pleasure and heighten the body’s sensitivity. Erotic massages typically involve the stimulation of erogenous zones and caressing your lover’s privy parts. The ultimate purpose is not making your loved one relaxed and sleepy, but making him or her relaxed, excited and desiring for intimacy. Besides, erotic massage may be used professionally to help some men learn to control premature ejaculation. The main part of erotic massage is allowing your hands and fingers to work over your partner’s privy places.

In Tantric sexuality, there is a Lingam (penis) and Yoni (vagina) massage. Lingam/Yoni massage is a special experience for both giver and receiver. It is a very sensual and honoring massage with the purposes of showing love and respect for your lover’s body and his/her penis/vagina, releasing your lover’s fears and expanding his or her ability to receive pleasure. Everyone likes to be touched in those most sensitive and intimate body places in that sensual kind of way. Giving an erotic and genital massage is one of the best skills one can develop.

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