Women who are romantically or sexually attracted to other women are called lesbians. Lesbians are commonly categorized into butch and femme. A lesbian who embraces a great deal of masculinity is called a butch. In a romantic and sexual relationship, a butch often assumes the role of a man. On the other hand, a lesbian who is still very feminine is called femme. Lesbians in femme category are often hard to recognize. This is because they speak, act and dress in a very feminine manner.

Unlike the generations in the past, many people are more open now to the idea of lesbianism. Lesbian these days have more freedom to explore their gender and pursue relationships with other women. Even if lesbians are now accepted by the society, there are still those people who misunderstand lesbianism. There are still stereotypes and misconceptions about lesbians. There are some who view lesbians as women who want to become men. This is one of the most common misconceptions. A lesbian is someone who is attracted to other girls but this does not necessarily mean that she wants to be a man. This is why there are other categories of homosexuality such as transgender, cross-dressers, femme, butch, soft-butch, power lesbian and many other categories. These categories are based on factors such as partner preference, way of dressing and sexual orientations.

There are many ways on how lesbians can meet other lesbians. Those who are looking for lesbian partners for a relationship or sexual activities can register on different dating websites. In these websites, lesbians can indicate if whether they are looking for femme and butch or whether they want a serious relationship, casual hookup, friendship or sexual partner. Lesbians should not be afraid to embrace their gender and preference. One can never be happy until she accepts embraces her true self.

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