Incest refers to having sexual activities between people who have a consangueous relationship or those who are related by blood. Individuals who engage in incestuous relationships often have it in secret since incestuous acts happen to be one of those which are considered as widespread taboos in several cultures—therefore frowned upon by many. Because of this, most countries have laws which cover restrictions concerning incestuous affairs.

This kind of sexual relationship can be consensual or coerced. For those who are in places where incest is illegal, consensual incestuous relationships are sometimes seen as victimless crimes. When it is coerced, the offending party may be subjected to trial and can be punishable by law.

Incest happens when milk-siblings, parent and child, or even relatives up to the third degree have sexual relationships—consensual or coerced. The taboo is highly based on the risk of inbreeding as well as the immorality of being sexually involved with someone who is close family. There is also the case of accidental incest when two blood-related individuals who were unaware of their biological relationship engage in sexual acts.

This kind of sexual relationship has been present even in older civilizations, and is even noted in the famous Greek mythology story of Oedipus and in many Egyptian stories about Pharaohs who married their siblings. In popular culture, incest is one of the most popular topics of erotic fiction where most of the time, although not related by blood, step parents have sexual acts with their stepchildren, or children engage with their own mother who can be referred to as their very own MILF or “Mother I’d like to fuck” or when a daughter engages in sexual acts with her own father because of “Daddy” fetishes.

As with other popular subjects of fetish ero novels or pornographic videos, the fact that most incestuous acts are forbidden make them all the more appealing to those who find pleasure in such situations.

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