Heterosexuality is one of the types of sexual orientations. Other orientations are asexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality. Romantic and sexual attraction between persons of the opposite sex is called heterosexuality. In the society, this is the most accepted type of sexual orientation. The demographics of heterosexuality, as compared to other sexual orientations, are difficult to establish. However, it is assumed that heterosexuality is the predominant sexual orientation. Different terms are associated with heterosexuality. Those who are under this sexual orientation are sometimes called straights or the shortened term, hetero.

When talking about sexual orientations, the topic about sexual acts will surely come into mind. The reason why heterosexuality is said to be the most common and most accepted orientation is because of human reproduction. Only those who engage in heterosexual intercourse can reproduce. In the society, marriage among heterosexual couples is considered normal. Those who want to enter a homosexual marriage might have some problems. Gay and lesbian marriages are still not legal in other parts of the world.  

There is an ongoing debate on the different factors that affect sexual orientations. Some will argue that sexual orientations are affected by biological factors such as genes and hormones. There are also those who claim that different orientations are caused by psychological factors such as the upbringing, culture and environment.

Sexual orientations are just sexual preferences. These orientations do not exactly define a person. Whether a person is heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual, everyone should receive the same kind of respect. If your sexual orientation is inclined in other preferences that are not heterosexual, you should not be ashamed of it. The world is continuously changing. Unlike before, non-heterosexuals have more freedom today. You can find a lot of non-heterosexuals that are not afraid to show who they really are. There are also some venues where you can meet people with different sexual orientations.

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