G-spot is considered a sex term. It is a shortened name for Gräfenberg spot. It is described as an area located in the vagina. It is said to be located one to three inches from the opening of the vagina. Physical stimulation of the g-spot can lead to arousal, orgasm and female ejaculation.

Series of studies and researches have been made regarding g-spots. There are many arguments about its existence. Some experts say that g-spots are relative and may or may not be present. There are also experiments conducted with ultrasounds that prove that hitting the g-spot can lead to powerful orgasm to women.

Women who have an active sexual lifestyle are concerned about their g-spots. Men who want to give girls pleasure wants to discover g-spots too. To find and trigger g-spot stimulation, some make use of different sexual toys such as the g-spot vibrator. People who do not experience the g-spot should not be worried. A person cannot be considered sexually dysfunctional just because of the g-spot. According to sexologists, it is normal not to experience stimulation through the g-spot. If you are really concerned about this, you can undergo medical procedures to increase the sensitivity of your g-spot. The process is called g-spot amplification.

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