There are individuals with more specific sexual desires. For those who are attracted to certain body parts or sexual practices, fetish pornography is something which can cater to their more eccentric preferences. Some of the most common sexual fetishes which turn people on include foot fetish, bondage, domination, and sadism or masochism. Fetish pornography portrays scenes in which particularly desired body parts such as the feet, breasts, or butt to name few are paid more attention to.

Sexual acts using these body parts are given more exposure, and even close up shots of the body parts are taken. Special accessories such as shoes, body stockings, sexy or crotchless underwear, latex costumes, or sex and bondage toys may also be included to make the pornography more realistic. Since there are some individuals who are only turned on by seeing what they fantasize about, fetish pornography videos are more carefully carried out and are usually easy to identify since they revolve around the targeted fetish.

Instead of video clips which just portray couples or a group of people in the middle of sexual acts, pornography for different fetishes have a more drawn out portrayal which helps make the viewer have a more “in the zone” feeling of what they are watching or experiencing through the clip.

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