Escort Agency

An escort agency is a service provider that hires sex workers for prostitution. These sex workers commonly call themselves escorts and not prostitutes. They do not work in strip clubs or brothels and they do not work in the streets. They are more of call girls or call boys and they get calls from clients needing sex services. They often advertise themselves online or in small newspaper ads. But most work in escort agencies and they get call to service a client in hotels or home services depending on the client preferences. Their rates depend on the agency rates or if they work privately they can demand for price base on what they can offer and are capable of doing.

Escort agencies exist to help escorts get the client they need. They advertise the services of sex workers to help them get clients and they have small percentage as cut from the escort’s earning (it depends on agreement). Escorts do not normally want to broadcast what they do and so they leave it to the escort agencies to sell them to the public. It is also one way of sex workers to get protected because there is an agency watching out for them while they are out. This lessens crime and abuse on sex workers because someone sometimes accompany them to client’s place and gets them after the services are done. Escort services are good part-time jobs to those wanting to offer sex in exchange of money without going full time on the industry. It is a lucrative business especially that sex tourism is already rampant these days. It is easy to find escort just by browsing websites of the agencies and choosing among the escorts and services they provide. This allows early booking for tourist travelling for sex tourism.

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