Cream Pie

Cream Pie

A cream pie is basically when a man ejaculates inside a woman after intercourse. The term can be used for either ejaculation inside the vagina or the anus, as well as the visible dripping or seeping of semen from the vagina or anus after ejaculation. Cream pies may have taken inspiration from “breeding” which refers to images where semen is shown to be dripping from the anus, a staple enjoyed in bareback gay porn. To further the act, cream pies are usually “eaten”, where semen from the vagina or anus are sucked out. The act of sucking semen from the anus is referred to as felching.

As a term, cream pie was first used to describe internal ejaculation scenes in American porn during the early 2000s. It is a common component in porn films nowadays but it does deviate from traditional themes because the act is a depiction of sexual activity that normally happens in real life, unlike the usual culminations in facials, pearl necklaces, and other visible forms of ejaculation. For heterosexual porn films for cream pies, you can check out Internal Cumbustion and Cream Filled Teens. For a top lesson on breeding, Breed Me is a classic.

Enjoying a cream pie

If you wish to make your own cream pies, you are more than free to do so. However, please be mindful of the health risks and other consequences of making one as it involves having unprotected sex. Even the porn industry is well aware of the risks so sometimes cream pies are just simulated with artificial semen. It somehow takes away the fun out of making a cream pie but you have to remember that you are not invincible. No cream pie will ever be worth getting sick from. And if you do get sick, you can say goodbye to cream pies for the rest of your life.  

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