Bisexuality is referred to as a sexual attraction or behavior of a person towards both gender, male and female. The thing about bisexual behavior is that it is not similar with being homosexual. In homosexuality, men are attracted to other men and women are attracted to other women. Generally, homosexual people are also known as gay and lesbians. On the other hand, bisexual people do not have an exclusive preference when it comes to gender. A bisexual person does not look whether a person is male or female.  

Another thing is that in the society, there had been various misconceptions about bisexuals. The bisexual behavior displayed by bisexual people often lead others to think that they are "confused" with who they really want--are they really into men or women? But the thing with bisexuals is that they are simply attracted to more than one gender. They do not limit themselves with being male or female. Some bisexuals also explain that in being with a person, one accepts many things like hair color, race, height, weight, and personality, with bisexuals it includes the acceptance of gender, whatever it may be. 

Bisexuality is also not something one can easily recognize on the streets. Unlike gays and lesbians that can be recognized most of the time, it can be quite a challenge to know if a person is bisexual or straight right away.

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