Anal Sex Toys

Anal Toys


A butt plug is one of the most popular anal sex toys even known to the world. The butt plug is a dildo-shaped sex toy with a flared end, designed to be used for anal stimulation. Butt plugs come in a variety of colors, materials, shapes, sizes, and textures. Generally, there are penis-shaped butt plugs, ribbed butt plugs, and vibrating butt plugs. Some butt plugs are designed for men to stimulate the prostate. Some butt plugs include a tail attached to the base of the plug. The most important idea of the butt plug design is the flared base that prevents the sex toy from getting stuck or lost in you. Butt plugs are used by both sexes and all sexual orientations.


Anal beads are cute and sexy and look like a necklace. This is the anal sex toy consisting of several small balls attached together by a piece of nylon cord or other type of strong rope-like material. Anal beads are used by inserting bead by bead into the anal canal. Anal beads are commonly made of silicone, plastic, rubber, glass or metal. This anal sex toy ends with a ring or similar handle designed for easy pulling. The other purpose of this ring is to prevent the sex toy from becoming fully lodged in the rectum. Some people enjoy having sex with anal beads inside. Anal beads are great to use by both men and women, and all sexual orientations.


You can choose to explore your anal potential with anal vibrators. Anal vibrators, as the name suggests, are vibrators designed to be used for anal penetration. The average size of the anal vibrator may vary from 4-6″ long and about 1 inch wide. Anal vibrators may pulsate, rotate, and vibrate in different speeds and levels. As well as anal beads and butt plugs, anal vibrators may be used by both men and women of all sexual orientations.


Anal probes can be a lot of visual and physical fun. Anal probes are long anal sex toys. Anal probes are great choice for those who are able to insert lengthy things in the butt. Anal probes provide the delicious sensation of fullness. There are anal probes made of glass, jelly, rubber silicone, wood and the highest quality medical-grade steel (which is completely hypoallergenic, heavy and durable). There are curvy and flexible anal probes that are easier to insert and are the great choice for anal sex toy beginners.


Prostate massage is one of the most pleasurable activities for men. Prostate massagers are meant for massage of the male prostate gland for sexual stimulation and medical purposes. Prostate massage can be done solo and with partner’s help. This sensual and erotic massage leads to deeper orgasmic pleasure for a man. The prostate gland is located on the front wall of the anal canal and is called the male g-spot. The prostate is responsible for a man’s erection and ejaculation. Prostate massagers come in a wide range of types. For example, Nexus offers the finest range of prostate massagers of different size, form and functionality. Whether you are new to prostate massage or experienced, Nexus has something for everyone.

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