Various Health Benefits Of Sex

For most age groups sex has been the most interesting topic of discussion for all. People have many myths related to sex. Some conservative people still exist who does not let their dear ones to indulge into any discussion related to sex. One thing is very clear that sex is not just pleasure and fun or some mere hormonal discharge. A lot more is involved in it. By now we all know that no matter how much we deny or try to hide our expressions, sex is a biological need. It also has many health benefits. Over the period of time many scientists, research institutions and surveys have proved the importance and physical benefits of sex in our life.

If a person is having sex once or twice a week, his immunity power will be much more than the one who has it rarely. Too much of sex is not needed but once or twice is good enough for everyone. A scientific study has shown that sex helps in reducing stress and in the process it also helps in reducing the blood pressure level. Along with blood pressure sex even helps in keeping our heart strong and healthy. During a sexual act the heart beats faster than regular times thus it is kind of good exercise for our heart. It is also a good way to lose calories. You can stay slim and healthy at the same time if you have regular sex. It also helps in lowering or curing various types of pain like migraine, arthritis etc. This is due to the hormonal discharge that occurs during the whole process.  Sleep is an essential aspect of our body and we need it very badly. Sex even helps a person to have a sound sleep.

Along with these physical aspects sex also has many emotional benefits. Sex creates a stronger bond with the spouse. It gives a kind a security which is immensely needed in all our lives. Due to this bonding and secured feeling one can stay away from depression. It even helps in having a better self esteem and definitely contributes in building an appealing personality. We can easily say that though it is a simple three letter word still it helps in our physical, emotional and social development. Do not get obsessed with sex, instead enjoy it and stay healthy and happy. 

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