Vaginal and Anal Bleaching


Anal and vaginal bleaching is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Although anal and vaginal bleaching is mainly performed by strippers, bodybuilders, models, celebrities and those ladies and gentlemen in the porn industry, more and more ordinary women (and some men) turn to this procedure because almost everyone wants to look their best when it comes to things sexual and erotic.

Anal bleaching refers to the lightening, in other words, bleaching of skin around the anus to get rid of dark pigmentation, for enhancing the beauty of that sensual and sensitive anal area. Vaginal bleaching, as the name suggests, refers to the lightening of the skin around the vagina, for cosmetic purposes as well.

Bleaching creams active ingredients

Most of the bleaching creams contain hydroquinone and other chemicals that can lead to skin reactions. Some bleaching creams contain somewhat “safe” ingredients such as Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Mulberry Extract, Bearberry Extract, Lemon Juice Extract, Lactic Acid.

Hydroquinone is an ingredient, found in most of the bleaching creams. Hydroquinone, or benzene-1,4-diol and quinol, is an organic compound which is a type of phenol. Hydroquinone may cause severe side effects in our body such as, for example, liver damage and thyroid disorder. Any skin-lightening product containing hydroquinone must be avoided. Hydroquinone is also used in photo processing and rubber manufacturing, by the way.

Meladerm is the latest skin-lightener and pigment reducing complex. Meladern is used on the face and body to remove unwanted age spots, birthmarks, tans, dark elbows, underarms, etc. Meladern includes Vitamin B3, Mulberry Extract, bearberry extract, lemon juice, emblica powder, lactic acid and glycolic acid. Meladern does not contain Hydroquinone.

How anal bleaching creams work

Our body naturally produces the substance that gives our skin and hair the color. The substance is called Melanin. The more melanin is produced in the body, the darker the skin. Also, Melanin provides a natural protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays of the sun. The thing is that Hydroquinone and other lightening chemicals inhibit the skin’s production of melanin, lightening the applied skin area. Bleaching agents temporarily lighten skin color, and exposure to sunlight may create a darker appearance than before. This is why you should not come to the sunlight after the skin bleaching procedure.

Is anal and vaginal bleaching safe?

Although some beauty salons advertise safety of the procedure, anal and vaginal bleaching is NOT safe. The bleaching procedure is done by the application of a bleaching cream to that sensual intimate skin. The active ingredients in the bleaching creams contain harmful chemicals that can lead to serious side effects. By the way, anal bleaching is banned in some countries.

Be very, very, very careful and extra cautious if you decide to perform anal and vaginal bleaching. In fact, beatifying your ass can become the pain in the ass. Although most bleaching creams advertise safety, think twice before using them. When it comes to making your privates prettier by using bleaching creams, there are risks that may outweigh the benefits.

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