Some Weird And Funny Facts About Sex

Sex is one of the most amusing and interesting things we have on earth. But there are many aspects of sex which we do not know. Though few facts can be outrageous or can even sound awful still they are true. Here are few facts which are funny and weird.

Sex is healthy and helps in loosing around 200 calories for 30 minutes of sex. But it needs to be active sex. Women who have regular sex have a shiny hair and glowing skin. This is due to various hormonal secretions that occur during sex.  It also helps our blood circulation and keeps our heart healthy. It cures head ache and it is a great relief for those who suffer from migraine.

A recent research has shown that in the recent times people in Greece are having the more sex than any other nation. Croatians are their close competitors.

Homosexuality is also common in animals. This nature has been seen in animals like turkey penguin, giraffe, etc. a special type of spiders eat their mates after or during sex. The eight legged ones eat up to twenty mates in a single day. Now that is really dreadful.

It is said that the foreplay generally last for around 15 minutes. A normal person between the ages of twenty to seventy spends around 600 hours for sex. Along with sex even pornography is very popular. The recent research shows that annually more than thirty million people watch pornography throughout the world. In some nations people spend more money on porn movies than what they spend on biscuits and cookies.

Most women have orgasm before or during their periods. It is a great means to get rid of the pain a woman goes through during periods.

It has been noticed that both men and women find it really difficult to tell a lie convincingly, if the opposite sex is sexually attractive. So next time, try to be very careful when you are lying to your stunning boss or colleague.

One out of two women has sex toys and they use it even when they are with their spouse. Along with fruits and vegetables, animal shaped sex toys are also very popular all over the world. It is cheap and no matter how old you are and what your relationship status is, it can help to give you ultimate pleasure. 

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