Sex Is Fine In The “69”

Position 69

Sexual positioning is one of the main keys to great sex. And I want you to learn a variety of sex positions, for all circumstances and situations. So, in today’s article, let’s learn all about one more commonly known sex position,THE SIXTY-NINE! As the missionary, the sixty-nine position is also a classic in the history of sex positions! And despite being “old”, it’s still popular today, because it is really fine and enjoyable!

What is the “69” sex position

The sixty-nine or “69” sex position (also known by its French name “soixante-neuf”, meaning 69), is probably one of the greatest sex positions for giving and receiving ORAL PLEASURE! This position allows both you and your partner to give and receive oral sex SIMULTANEOUSLY! Therefore, while in the “69”, both lovers are the giver and receiver at the same time! The “69” is very comfortable and really easy to get into! As the missionary, this numerological miracle doesn’t require athleticism and diagrams to follow. This sex position usually involves two lovers, one on top of the other or side by side. In the classic “69”, a man is usually on his back and a woman is on top. However, instead of lying face to face, each places their head next to the other’s privy parts, so a lady’s mouth is positioned above a man’s hard tool the way she can lick and suck and devour his tasty “sausage” for hours, and her pussy is positioned on a man’s face the way he can lick and suck and finger it for hours! The lovers are thus mutually inverted like the numerals ‘6’ and ‘9’! The number 69 looks similar to two bodies with their heads at each other’s genitals. Hence the name.

Tips and the “69” variations for the finest sensations

Variations of the “69” sex position allow partners lay side-by-side, lay one on top of the other, or stand. The standing variation of the “69” is known as The Giving Tree sex position. This position usually involves one lover holding the other lover upside down (usually a man is holding a woman by her waist ;) Well, getting into the standing “69” can be both fun and awkward. At least one of you should be very, very, very strong, like Hercules. While in the classic “69”,  lovers may finger each other’s pussy or anus for extra fun.

Advantages and disadvantages of the “69” position

As with any sex position, the “69” has its ups and downs. Some lovers find the position really enjoyable and fine, since it is a two-way pleasure. Some lovers don’t like the position because focusing on the other lover’s pleasure distracts them from enjoying their own sensations. Well, let’s point out all the advantages and disadvantages.

Why sex is fine in the “69”

The sixty-nine sex position is a two-way pleasure
The sixty-nine sex position allows giving and receiving oral pleasure at the same time
The sixty-nine sex position is a highly intimate experience
The sixty-nine position is an incredible visual turn-on, if done in front of a mirror
The sixty-nine sex position is easy to get into
The sixty-nine position allows greater intimacy, closeness and sexual trust
The sixty-nine sex position allows a great amount of skin-to-skin contact
In the sixty-nine, the hands of both lovers are relatively free so they can caress each other
This position can involve any combination of sexes
Variations of the “69” positions include mutual analingus
Variations of the “69” allow partners lay side-by-side, lay one on top of the other, or stand (standing “69” is known as the Vertical “69” or The Giving Tree)
In the side-by-side variation of the “69” sex position, lovers who are not similar in weight don’t have to worry about it

Why the “69” can be not-so-fine

The sixty-nine sex position isn’t for everyone
In this position, both lovers may tire very quickly
In this position, you need to pay attention on the giving, so you can’t fully enjoy the receiving
Some lovers don’t like sticking their genitals to their sweetheart’s face
The “69” position can be uncomfortable for some partners who are not similar in height and weight

And just for fun… Have found on the web some amusing lines and so-called poems featuring this fun and enjoyable sex position! Hope these put a smile on your face.

The “69” funny poems and lines

I love to Sixty-nine
Because it’s great and fine!

Let’s do “head-to-toe”!

Sex is good, sex is fine!
Doggy style and “69”!
Just for fun or getting paid!
Everyone likes getting laid!

Roses are nice, violets are fine,
I’ll be the six, if you be the nine!

Lick me there, suck me fine – let’s enjoy the “69”!

I can Sixty-nine
Every day and night!
All is wet and fine!
What a sexy sight!

Final tips and warnings

Finally, let’s get serious for a minute, because I have some final tips for you. 

Tip 1: for your experience to be fully enjoyable, you may uselubricants, designed specifically for oral sex. 

Tip 2: if you haven’t tried the “69” position before, start with side-by-side variation; this variation is most comfortable.

Tip 3: if you get into the classic “69” (one lover on top of the other) and you lay on your back, use a pillow to keep your head propped up.

Tip 4: be very careful if you decide to try out the vertical “69”, make sure you both are strong enough to get into it; stay near the bed.

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