The 4 Most Popular Penis Size Myths

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When it comes to myths and misconceptions about men’s sexuality, penis size myths seem to be the most prevalent. Unfortunately, people (in fact, most of them are men themselves) have developed many different myths about the penis. Some of them are really ridiculous and so outrageous that it is hard to believe that anyone actually believes them. I think that the main problem of penis size myths is that they cause worries and insecurity amongst men because penis size matters to men a great deal. Just imagine: multiple studies show that over 80% of men have at least some concern over their penile size!

In order to tell the difference between a myth and the truth, today we get into the most popular myths about the penis!

Don’t let these myths to mislead you, okay? Read on…

Penis size myth 1: The correlation between the size of the penis and the size of the limbs or other body parts

You must have heard it before, haven’t you? This is a long-lived myth. Actually, there are some closely related myths at work here:

~ The penis length is related to a man’s foot size
~ The length of a man’s penis can be predicted by measuring the distance between the middle of his eyebrows and the tip of his nose; or, the distance between the wrist and the tip of the middle finger
~ The penis shape and size somewhat relates to the shape and size of a man’s nose

False, false, false. And the truth is that there is no scientific basis that proves a correlation between a certain body part size and the size of a man’s “equipment”. The potential origin of this myth is that the development of the penis in an embryo stage is controlled by SOME of the same genes that control the growth of the limbs! Still, there is no scientific support for the relationship that is said to exist between a man’s penis size and the size of the limbs. Therefore, bad news for girls: the size of a man’s nose, hand or foot is not an indicator of his penile length or shape. So, got the idea I’m leading to? Yes, you won’t know until you measure it “below”!

Penis size myth 2: The correlation between height and the penis size

Again, wrong. The size of the penis has nothing to do with a man’s body height. As I know, the origin of this myth is that a tall man is well-endowed, and he is most likely to have a long penis simply because the body grows the same way and no matter what the limb is. The real truth is that, usually, the size of the penis is determined by genetic markers, and if a guy is tall and husky it doesn’t mean he has a very long penis. In fact, the penis is an appendage like the ears or the nose, and it is not influenced by the body height. This part of male body does not follow the same rules as bones and muscles that match the body height to simply sustain its weight. So, let me say it again, the only way to tell a man’s penis size is to actually see it and measure it. And this act of measuring can be oh-so sexy and fun! Don’t believe me? Try it yourself.

Penis size myth 3: The penis is a muscle that you can exercise to a bigger size

What spreads this myth and any myth is a lack of knowledge. The truth is that although there are some muscles which surround the base of the penis, there are NO muscles within the penile shaft. And the penis itself is NOT a muscle. Also, there are no muscular contractions involved in erection. So, bad news for some guys: there are no exercises, methods and devices that will permanently increase the penis size. However, nowadays there are many types of penis enhancement products for the guys that are unhappy with their size and shape in the pants. I think many of you have heard of some penis enlargement devices, such as vacuum pumps or penis pumps that may increase the penis size temporarily. In fact, the initial idea of penis pumps is to help men who have trouble getting or keeping an erection. The penis pump helps you maintain the erection by keeping blood inside your dick. Still, as I’ve mentioned above, this device is only a temporary solution! So, if someone tells you that a penis pump can help with the permanent enlargement, it’s a myth. Also, for those of you who enjoy playing with sex toys and want a temporary size enhancement, there are cock rings on the market that will slightly increase the size of your erection. Anyway, whatever you do with your private part, you should always remember that there is no scientifically proven method of increasing its size without risk or permanent damage.

Penis size myth 4: ALL women enjoy big penises

Hmm… well… this one is perhaps yes, perhaps no. The “size matters” myth (as well as “bigger is better” myth) is one of the most prevalent among men, because the penis size does not matter as much to women as it does to men. Of course, there are some size queens that prefer an extremely big dick for a harder penetration. But for most women, a big dick is not as important as the BIG O. Because of the media and porn movies, most men seem to believe that ALL women enjoy large penises when it comes to sexual pleasure. Actually, it can be extremely hard and very painful for a woman to handle a large cock. So, bigger is not necessarily better. For example, as my experience shows, it’s not the size of the boat and the motion of the ocean; it’s who is at the helm that counts. In other words, my beloved men, it’s not how big it is, it’s what you do with it. If a man is “hugely-endowed” but his sexual performance is poor – I kick him out of bed. And most women will do the same. For most of women, your sexual skills and caring are most important than the size of your “tool”. Usually, a woman wants more than the intercourse, because only 25 % of women experience orgasm through penetration! Dear men, of course, having a larger penis may dispel some of your worries, however, in order to completely satisfy a woman, take care especially of your “penile health” and concentrate upon your sexual skills and oral sex techniques. And remember: the penis doesn’t make the man; the man makes the penis!

BUT: surely, as most men enjoy looking at large breasts, most women enjoy looking at large penises! Let’s be honest here. A larger, well-developed penis is more of a visual turn-on then a smaller sized one.

“Size does matter”, a myth, then? Or, the myth is that women claim that “size doesn’t matter”?

Does size matter, then? I’m sure there is no straight answer to this age-old question. A penis that is just right for one woman may be large enough or small enough for another woman. There is vagina for every shape and size of penis!

Enjoy the way you are. Enjoy the penis Nature gave you. Stop obsessing about your size. Whatever it’s the size, try to do your best with what you have. And don’t let the silly myths and porn movies mislead you!

In all seriousness, if you ask the majority of women what women want in men in the sexual aspect, I’m almost sure most of them would list something like: emotional connection, tenderness, caring, attentiveness, creative approach, compliments, “want to feel like a woman”, more foreplay and after-sex cuddling, and so on.

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