Love And Break Up

Love is a special feeling that brings joy and ecstasy in our life. Some people take time to fall in love while there are few who believe in love at first sight. When we meet and choose a person for our life we definitely look out for the qualities which would suit our life style. We even look out for a compatible nature but then with time everything changes. At times, human being as a whole changes due to different experiences and situation; even our needs, choices, attitude etc. changes with time. Thus no one is to blame, if after a certain point of time in a relationship a person or both feels they need to break up.

Now break up can be more complex than love if you are confused. The first thing you need is the real reasons for your break up. You should understand if it is really worth considering the emotional aspects involved in the relationship. Now how to spill the bean? When you are completely sure then gradually you should prepare your partner to face the blow. You may drop some hints like saying that the relationship is not working or you need to talk. Though it is difficult to face such situation still you should confront your partner and explain the reasons. Try to avoid text messages or emails to convey your break up note. When you are stating the reasons for your break up try not to blame your parents and do not make stupid excuses. Be prepared to back up your reasons. When you state the causes try to focus more on the drawbacks of the overall relationship instead of pointing out the faults of the other person. At times it is a total surprise for the other person so be very calm and patient when you discuss such delicate issues. You should be polite and respectful yet practical and realistic. Make sure that you do not leave any false hope of giving your relation another chance as that might be devastating, especially if you really want to come out of it.

After you break up depending on the reaction of your partner you might feel concerned but you should not stay in touch as that will make things worse. Though it is difficult still maintain a distance, try to focus on other things in life and move on.

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