How To Read Woman’s Sexual Body Language

Woman's Sexual Body Language

Sometimes she moans. Sometimes she is too silent. Sometimes she meets your thrusts. Sometimes she pushes you away. And you know what? Sometimes she herself doesn’t understand her own body signals and the “mechanism” of her sexual arousal. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it can be quite hard for a man to read a woman’s sexual body language and understand if he is pleasing her in the right way.

So, how to tell what’s going on with your lady when you make love? You are about to find out some nonverbal signs of female sexual pleasure and excitement. Sure, these body language signs aren’t 100% definite and accurate for each woman. But, my guess is that these signals of female arousal will help you interpret the hints of what your woman is feeling during lovemaking. Learn to read a woman’s body language and pay careful attention to your woman’s body response when you keep on kissing and caressing her.

She is moaning, groaning and screaming

Being vocal and noisy in the heat of passion is one of the most visible and evident signs of her sexual arousal. But, you have to tell if your woman is moaning and screaming in pleasure, not in pain. Her moans usually mean she feels relaxed and comfortable with you. Her screaming during sex is often an indication of approaching (or experiencing) the peak of sexual pleasure.

She is breathing fast and deep

Don’t panic when she starts breathing heavily. When she gets turned on, it takes her breath away and may look like she is panting. So, if you can hear her holding her breath, it probably means you are doing it right and great.

She is moving her hips to meet your hips

If your lady rhythmically moves her hips to meet your thrusts, then she is enjoying what you’re doing right now.

She grasps you tightly and her muscles become tense

When her pleasure is rising, her body becomes tense. She is grasping you everywhere and pushing against you. At the peak of orgasm, her entire body may become beautifully strong.

She gets all wet and you can feel her pussy juices

Increased sweating, sensitive clitoris and intense vaginal lubrication are definite signs of her sexual pleasure and excitement. Due to increased blood flow to the skin, she can have a sex flush and a reddening of the body skin. Her clitoris retracts under the clitoral hood, and her pussy lips become darker (due to blood swell). Pay attention to what is going on inside of your lady’s love hole. Enter her, and you will feel multiple and rhythmic contractions in her pussy.

She touches herself and tends to embrace you tightly

She tends to embrace you tightly and touch you everywhere. She can also touch herself to help you to arouse her body. But if she’s covering herself, getting shy of her body and holding her hands close to her – it means she is not relaxed and enjoying. Therefore, pay attention to what she is doing with her hands during lovemaking.

She is experiencing strong muscle contractions

As her pleasure increases and orgasm becomes imminent, she is experiencing powerful muscle contractions. This is one more evident and definite body sign of her sexual pleasure. Those muscle spasms may look like she is, well, in pain. But, be sure, those muscle contractions prove that she is feeling great and at the edge of an amazing orgasm.

She sheds a tear after an intense orgasm

At first, it seems that tears have nothing to do with female sexual pleasure. But, believe it or not, tears are sometimes a body sign of great emotional and physical satisfaction. If you are having an emotionally deep sex, it can trigger some tears of pleasure (in a sensitive and emotional woman). The thing is that her sexual ecstasy can be intense and powerful enough to make her have occasional tears near orgasm or immediately after it. Orgasms release hormones (endorphins) that cause energy boost and emotional highs, leading to tears. Tears are her body response to the pleasant stress. So, if you notice her shed a tear, you won’t go wrong if you talk to your lady to figure out the reason of her tears.

Reading your woman’s sexual body language is a huge step to increased pleasure for both of you. The responses a woman’s body reveals at the peak of pleasure are different and often misleading. The thing is that the female excitement takes a long time to build up. The more slowly you allow her arousal to build up, the stronger her pleasure will be.

Only a lover with a slow hand and careful attention can lead a woman to sexual pleasure. Learning how, when and where to touch a woman takes time and patience. Remember that female orgasm is not a push-button response. Many women have difficulty achieving orgasm. As every man, each woman is unique and what works for one girl, it won’t necessarily work for another. Explore her body’s sensual alternatives. Kiss, lick, suck, nibble, massage, compliment her and finger your woman to discover her body’s most sensual places. Try to build a strong emotional connection with your woman, and keep in mind: the way to a woman’s body lies through her heart and soul.

Lessons for men to learn for the rest of their sex life:

Read her sexual body language to achieve maximum pleasure for both of you
Pay attention to your woman’s sexual feedback to the different touches
The longer you sexually please her, the stronger her pleasure will be
What works for one woman, won’t necessarily work for another
Build with her an emotional connection first, physical second
Emotionally deep sex can trigger woman’s tears of pleasure
Female orgasm and arousal is not a push-button response
The path to a woman’s bed lies through her head
The way to a woman’s body is through her soul

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