How To Deal a Break Up

Though we enjoy courtship, love and affair but still sometimes there comes a point where we need to end our relationship. Break up can be painful and many of us make severe mistakes. As a result the whole experience becomes more painful and agonizing. There are few things which you should remember when you go through this phase.

The first thing which you should never do is stay in touch with your ex. It is obvious that you get used to your partner and might feel concerned. But you should control your feelings and maintain a distance.

After a break up you might feel devastated, lonely and feel like crying, shouting etc. You should never suppress such feelings; instead let it out so that you remain healthy and steady. Suppressing such emotions might lead into depression or other physical problems. Some people pen down their feelings and emotions. This is a very good way to deal a break up. It helps the emotional outburst in a moderate manner. But remember one thing that social networking sites are not ideal for sharing your emotions. You should not express your thoughts and sentiments in such sites as various people will give their own suggestion without knowing the whole story and in the process it will only create more confusion.

Though this phase is very complicated still you should make an effort to divert your mind. Keep away or return all the stuffs of your partner. Spend more time with your friends but try to avoid happy couples. Hang out with your buddies; go for outings, movies, parties etc. Concentrate on work, family and convince yourself that everything happened for a better future. Make a new routine for yourself so that you do not get lots of time to be alone. When suddenly someone so important leaves your life you should also change the ways of life and make a true effort to move on.

Life does not end with a break up. There are so many people around and definitely you will meet someone with whom you will feel compatible and comfortable. Do not rush. Enjoy your single status for a while and remember the faults and mistakes which you faced in your relationship so that next time they are not repeated. Life is short so remove the bad phase and enjoy it in your own way. 

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