The Good Old Missionary

Missionary position

I believe that sexual positioning is one of the main keys to great sex. Of course, there is a multitude of creative and fun sex positions to talk about, but today I’m going to sing the praises of my one of the most cherished and all-time favorite positions – THE GOOD OLD MISSIONARY. See, I even don’t like to refer to it as the “missionary”, because this word is such “cold” and “clinical” for how good this position looks and feels!

As we all know, there are lots of articles online offering adventurous styles and advanced and acrobatic sexual positions that guarantee mind-blowing pleasure and earth-shattering orgasms. So tell someone one of your favorite lovemaking positions is the missionary and they’ll think you’re prudish and unimaginative. BUT it is the missionary position which is really popular and widely practiced by most lovers around the world! And I know at least three reasons why the missionary is all-time’s popular position: 1) its versatility and great variations; 2) it is easy to perform and doesn’t require athleticism and diagrams for you to follow; 3) it can REALLY lead to mind-blowing pleasure and earth-shattering orgasms!!!

Just imagine how popular this wonderful position is! It is the missionary which is commonly chosen for the first time a couple has sex; it was the missionary when most of us lost our virginity; it is the missionary that differentiates us from animals, because face-to-face sex is mostly used by humans (and, well, gorillas :); it is the missionary position that allows staying under the covers during the chilly seasons; it is the missionary that allows both lovers to engage all of their senses at once!!!

Now, call it most boring, call it “ordinary”, call it “old-fashioned”, anything but erotic, but actually, there’s nothing wrong with this position, and it is one of the most intimate, comfortable and pleasurable sex positions ever. Believe it or not, many women enjoy the missionary position, because of its intimacy, sexiness and romantic flavor. And many men love the missionary because this position allows them to play a more dominant role, take charge of the rhythm and depth of thrusting and “control” his own and his woman’s orgasms.

Let’s learn more about this sensual sex position, its great variations, benefits, and even the historical facts. Let’s get started!

Some interesting facts and historical trivia

The missionary position is a man-on-top and face-to-face sex position named supposedly after the Christian missionaries who taught that man-on-top was the only natural and proper position for a man and woman to have sex. Tuscans refer to the position as “The Angelic Position” while some Arabic-speaking groups call it “the manner of serpents”. The ancient Chinese preferred male-on-top because of their belief that males were born face down and women were born face up. Before the term “missionary position” came into common use, this sex position was known by several names, for example, “the matrimonial”, “the mama-papa position”, “the English-American position”, and “the male superior position”. (Ahh, I wish I could think of a better term).

Why women might enjoy the missionary position

The missionary position allows greater intimacy and closeness
The missionary position seems ‘natural’ one to take
The missionary position allows easy entry into the pussy
The missionary position allows deep penetration
The missionary position allows friction on women’s entire genital area
The missionary position allows intense eye-contact
The missionary position allows a great amount of skin-to-skin contact
This position allows staying under the covers during the chilly months
The missionary position allows a man caress her breasts
The missionary position allows communication
The missionary position is physically comfortable
The missionary position doesn’t require diagrams to follow
The missionary position is less likely to be unpleasantly painful
The missionary position allows squeezing him closer with her arms or legs
The position is probably one of the best positions for baby-making
The position allows a woman use her hands freely to caress her man and stimulate her clit
In the missionary, some women find it easier to reach orgasm because they do not have to focus on what they are doing
The missionary position is great for kissing and holding each other during sex
The psychological reason many women enjoy the missionary position is that this position is an expression of masculine-feminine polarity and dominance/submission aspects
A woman may enjoy the feeling of being unable to “escape” until he allows it
Many women enjoy the feeling of a man being in charge during sex

Why men might enjoy the missionary position

In the missionary position, he is less likely to lose his erection
The missionary position is very comfortable for men with a shorter penis
The missionary position allows a great view for a man
In the missionary, a man can see (and reach) his woman’s breasts
The missionary allows a man to see his woman’s facial expressions
The missionary position allows a man to play a “dominant” role
The missionary position allows a man to take charge of the rhythm and depth of thrusting
The missionary position allows him to “control” her orgasms
A man may enjoy his male dominance and female acceptance of his “power” and sexual energy

8 Variations of the missionary sex position

Fortunately, the missionary position is not static and you can vary it up in numerous ways! Variations of the position allow different degrees of clitoral and g-spot stimulation, vaginal tightness, the angle of penetration, the depth of penetration, and more. The most common variations may involve the woman resting her feet on the bed, lifting them up into the air, placing her legs on his shoulders, wrapping her legs around a man, placing a firm pillow under her buttocks, using the position pillows like a wedge or ramp-shaped pillow. Now let me explain 8 positions in detail!

Who said the missionary position is boring…

The Missionary – the peace sign technique

Try the classic missionary with some minor changes. Instead of keeping woman’s legs apart, a woman can close her legs together, and a man has his legs on the outside of hers! This position is known as “the peace sign technique”! It’s because when viewed from above it really resembles a peace sign. The peace sign variation of the missionary allows great clitoral stimulation and intense stimulation for the man. See also The Grip sex position below.

The Anvil – woman’s legs up

The Anvil is a “legs up” variation of the missionary sex position. In this position, the woman is on her back and resting her feet above the man’s shoulders. This type of missionary aims the head of the penis at the posterior fornix, and allows the deepest penetration. It also allows the g-spot stimulation for a lady and more friction and intense stimulation of the penis shaft for a man. The version of The Anvil position is placing her left leg on his right shoulder.

The Arch

In this missionary variation, a man gets in the kneeling position and enters a woman. She arches her back and lifts her buttocks into the air while her shoulders remain flat on the bed. The position will be more comfortable with a pillow under the woman’s head. For support, the man can place his hands on the woman’s buttocks or hips! What a sexy pose!

The Grip

This position has the man inserting his penis and putting his legs outside of the woman’s so that both her vagina and legs cause friction against his penis as he thrusts in and out, and then he slides forward slightly. The man may squeeze the woman’s legs tighter for more friction and intense stimulation! The woman’s pussy squeezes more tightly around the man’s erotic “candycane”, enhancing its stimulation! If the man shifts his pelvis forward, clitoral stimulation becomes possible! Enjoy!

The Cross

This position is absolutely beautiful and comfortable since it allows a man to directly and indirectly stimulate the woman’s clit! In this position, the woman lies on her back with her legs slightly open. A man enters a woman in the standard missionary, and then he should twist to position himself diagonally across the woman, forming a cross!

The Plough

One more “legs-up” variation for you to try out tonight. In this sex position, the woman wraps her legs around the man’s waist or buttocks, so that both lovers can thrust against each other! The Plough position requires great flexibility and strong muscles, and allows the man to grind against the woman with his pubic bone. Indeed, sex is one of the best sports ever!

Riding high

In this missionary variant, the man enters the woman as usual and then shifts his body up and forward toward her head. He then rocks back and forth, stimulating her clitoris with his pubic bone or base of his penis. The result is the stimulation of the woman’s love button, the clit, at the cost of deep thrusting.


The CAT (aka the Coital Alignment Technique) of the missionary position is aimed to maximize clitoral stimulation! This sensual technique increases a woman’s chance to orgasm during sexual intercourse, BUT it requires some practice and patience. What’s different from the classic missionary is that the CAT requires the man and woman’s combined movement and men’s thrusting happens from the higher angle than in standard missionary. In this position, the man enters a woman in the normal missionary and then lifts himself further up the length of her body so that the base of his penis provides stimulation of her clitoris! The woman can wrap her legs around the man or rest her feet on his calves. She can begin to move her own butt to make contact between her clitoris and the base of his penis. Sexual movement is focused in the pelvises, without leverage from the arms or legs.

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