The Breast Orgasm: Not Common, But Certainly Possible!

The Breast Orgasm

Luckily for us women and contrary to our popular belief that men are uncaring and insensitive towards our sexual needs, there are loads of things men actually want to know about our sexuality. What are women’s turn-ons; what we want in bed; what do we fantasize about; what and where is the g-spot; what we like and don’t like about men… and so on. Very few men are comfortable asking a woman what feels right to her and what she wants sexually. Still, there are a thousand questions men ask women or want to ask. And one of the most popular questions I get often is: “Is it true that there are women that can achieve orgasm through breast stimulation alone?”

Now, for the benefit of everyone, and as a happy woman who can achieve orgasm via breast fondling, I’ve decided to spill the beans about what is the breast orgasm and what it takes for your woman to have it…

Want to know what does it feel like?

Well, this is a hard question to answer. The breast induced orgasm is totally different from a clitoral or vaginal orgasm. During the correct stimulation, the strongest feeling of arousal and sexual energy is concentrated in breasts and nipples area. The pleasure-building starts in the breasts and then a current moves down straight to pussy, so you can feel the arousal in the clit. It is an extremely powerful, body-shaking, sharp and delicious feeling. Taking your breath away. It’s a feeling that makes you want more and more and more, and at the same time you want to stop being stimulated. If you don’t believe me, try it out yourselves and you’ll see what I mean *wink*.

Breast orgasm is not all about the breasts. It is also about a woman’s mindset!

Of course, there are some psychological factors behind the breast orgasm. The breast orgasm is not all about the lovely pair of breasts and sensitivity. Breast orgasm is also in the mind. Whether breast and nipple caressing is arousing or not depends on the woman’s mindset. So if your lady believes breast play is sexually stimulating and arousing, then it can be arousing and can lead to breast induced orgasm. If it is a sexual situation, the setting is right and relaxing, the lover is caring, skillful and understanding of how women work physically and emotionally – then the higher the chances of your sweetheart lady reaching an incredible, fantastic, extremely powerful breast orgasm! However, remember that all women are different, and what works for one woman may not work for another.

The breast induced orgasm: what it is

The breast orgasm is a female orgasm that happens at the peak of stimulation of a woman’s breasts and nipples. Not only the female breasts are a major source of attraction for men and many women, these lovelies are also incredibly sensitive and have their own erotic potential. Is every woman able to have breast orgasm? Unfortunately, a few women can reach orgasm just by having their breasts stroked. However, according to one study that questioned 213 women, 29% of them had experienced a breast orgasm at one time or another. This shows that it is not common, but it is certainly possible!

What happens during breast fondling?

In many women, breasts and nipples are the second most erogenous area of the body next to that between her legs. Structurally, breasts are made up of fibrous connective tissue and a layer of fat tissue, rich in blood and lymph vessels. The nipples, in particular, are composed of smooth muscle fiber and supplied with numerous nerve endings and touch receptors closely underlying the surface of the skin and making them especially sensitive to touch. The nipple region, the areola and the underside of the breast are usually the most sensitive areas of a woman’s breast.

Being glandular organs, woman’s breasts are highly sensitive to hormonal changes in the female body, and like I mentioned before, are thereby directly connected to the woman’s genital system. Nipple stimulation increases prolactin and oxytocin (also called “the cuddle hormone”) levels, the hormones causing the smooth muscle of the uterus to contract. The contractions are usually mild at first but with more nipple fondling, sucking and stimulation, the contractions become stronger and give rise to sexual arousal and excitement! Thus, when the nipples are stimulated, many women feel their pussy become hot and excited! And, of course, breast stimulation and fondling can trigger and enhance other orgasms.

Breast sensitivity: it is not about the breast size

The sensitivity of your woman’s nipples and breasts often changes depending on the menstrual cycle. In the first two weeks and during menstruation these lovelies are less sensitive. Due to the rise in hormones, during ovulation the breasts and nipples can be very tender to the touch. What else I want you to know is that breast and nipples sensitivity is not dependent on the size of the breast! Again, this is all about the amount of hormones, nerve endings and something else what I describe below.

The longer the build-up, the better the chances!

The build-up of the breast orgasm is very slow. This truly fantastic orgasm can occur if the breast and nipple stimulation goes on for 15-20 minutes or… even longer. Yes, it takes time, lot of patience and pleasant *work* from a giver. Only a lover with a slow hand, with sexual savvy, with the knowledge (learned or intuitive) can lead a woman to the heights of breast-nipple pleasure and orgasm.

Well, dear men, how much time do YOU spend fondling a great pair of your lady’s breasts? Hanging your head in shame? Okay, after reading my post, I hope you’ll take your time to really explore the erotic potential of your woman’s breasts the next time you make love. Take the time to prepare your environment, make sure it is sensual and relaxing. Lavish attention on your woman’s beautiful breasts, give her an incredible breast massage and enjoy the softness and femininity of her lovelies!

Caress, kiss, lick, nibble, moisten, fondle, massage, suck, talk, bounce, woo and compliment woman’s breasts, because it is a wonderful creation that really deserves enjoyable stimulation and maximum attention!

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