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Male sex pills or male enhancement pills are no stranger to society today. With men wanting to improve on their performance and generally their sex lives, downing a pill or two has moved from becoming a stigma to something that is crucial when it comes to the bedroom.


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Anal and vaginal bleaching is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Although anal and vaginal bleaching is mainly performed by strippers, bodybuilders, models.

Woman's Sexual Body Language

Sometimes she moans. Sometimes she is too silent. Sometimes she meets your thrusts. Sometimes she pushes you away. And you know what?

Penis Size Across Europe

When it comes to myths and misconceptions about men’s sexuality, penis size myths seem to be the most prevalent.

Missionary position

I believe that sexual positioning is one of the main keys to great sex. Of course, there is a multitude of creative and fun sex positions to talk about.

Position 69

Sexual positioning is one of the main keys to great sex. And I want you to learn a variety of sex positions, for all circumstances and situations.

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Regular sex can be good for the skin, too.  It cleanses the pores, brightens the skin, and creates a flushed look or a natural glow.

Sex can help people maintain a healthy weight. It can burn calories naturally. A round of sex can burn calories equivalent to a brisk walk, jog, or running the treadmill.

Sex can improve oral health. When saliva is stimulated with lots of kissing, the acidity in the mouth is lowered and tooth decay is prevented.

Sex therapists say regular sex with one’s partner enhances overall well-being and increases self-esteem. The sex needs to be loving and nurturing for this effect to be created.

Engaging in sex regularly contributes to a decrease in cholesterol levels. It helps balance the ratio of HDL or good cholesterol with LDL or bad cholesterol.